Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dinner Buffet in Palace of the Golden Horses


Last night I went to Palace of the Golden Horses..
My mom and I were having a very delightful dinner..

Warning : This entry full with food pictures! haha

My mom and my dad get this buffet voucher for 2person.. Since this is not their first time get this voucher, so my dad let me go instead of him.

Table for 2 

Ok, I don't want to write more.. Just enjoy the pictures full with foodssss... ;D

My first plate

My second plate
(see the prawn! I love it!)

My third plates
(deserts and soup)

My forth and the last plate...
(ice cream)

 Oh maybe my car is one of them?huhu

Came home with a big stomach! I end up asked my dad stop at 7eleven for me to buy ENO...
That means I can't hold the pain. haha.. Usually at home I always take a small portion of food  because scared my weight will increased.. So my stomach has used to it and when I push a big quantity of food in one time, argghhh! I'm struggle!

Anyway, it's nice to have u as my date that night Mom.. Thanks Dad!


Nava Krishnan said...

Lovely spread of food, nice raw oysters.

inspirasiizra said...

kalau gambar pon da cantik,, mesti makanan tu pon super yummy ^^