Monday, July 25, 2011

Field Trip to IRIS TECH and F-Secure


Last Friday we had a field trip..Oh, first time followed a field trip in MMU..huhu..

As early as 7am we have to be in campus. So, I had to wake up at 6am..My housemate so excited and she woke up at 5am!haha

Then on our way to campus, the rain start to cry..haha..
Damn! we were running to the campus.

Luckily the bus haven't move yet. So everyone get inside the bus..

This is my housemate. Remember I said that I've got a souvenir from Iran..
It's from her..
Yeah I know...She's so pretty..
10 times more than me!
or beyond that..huhu..

The bus stop at R&R Seremban..
We were so sleepy and decided to have a cup of coffee..

 Finally we were here! First destination was IRIS in Technology Park, Bukit Jalil...Oh, so near to my house!

 This place is awesome!!! We never expect that can be somewhere like this...This is the place the first E-Passport in the world was created! ok, did u get it? FIRST IN THE WORLD! Yeah, I heard before that Malaysia invented the first chip in the passport... So that everytime you use the E-Passport in KLIA, just put the passport , wait for 10 seconds and put your thumb print on the scanner...THAT THING IS THE FIRST TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD THAT MALAYSIA CREATED!...(Bangga siot)...

 This speaker is really nice...he's Malaysian but his English is perfect and when he talked in Malay, have this kind of slang of mat salleh...and his name not even like Malay..huhu...

 This house is in their know something....this house is from something like poly-form...if I'm not mistaken..something like 'gabus'...Believe It or Not! I told ya....this company is awesome! amazing! Oh, I wish I can work here....

After that we went to other company in Bangsar...called F-Secure...Before that we had our lunch in front of the building called The Sphere...I'm with Negin(housemate), Amelia (Indonesian classmate), and Stephani(African classmate)...This Stephani soooo funny and made our trip really fun...Suddenly we entered a non-halal restaurant...huhu..First I didn't say anything..I just ordered when Amelia want to order, I showed her the non-halal...then she shock and asked the waitress..the waitress said they didn't serve pork, but its non-halal restaurant..So Stephani asked us to take the side I took french fries and pineapple juice...In the end Stephani paid for all of us! Oh, she so generous person...Glad to be with them...


 Ok, honestly this presentation so boring we don't know what exactly what they are doing...yeah it's kind of software to prevent malware...but maybe it's the thing that we always heard in lecture class and it's getting late and sooooooo sleeeepppyyyyyyyy.....Seriously we just wanna finish this and go back! 

I went to the coollll....when Negin came inside the toilet and she said " to use this?" hahhaha....Then Stephani said "Careful, they put some viruses inside the toilet...You'll be infected!" hahhahaa.....

This trip was really FUN!!! Thanks to my lecturer Ms. Ooi, you are the best lecturer ever! one would bring us to see something outside the campus....I have to score this subject well!!!...huhu...

Oh, girls..You are the best!...I felt tired of laughing! :P
Stephani said "When U think about technology, think about Iris!" many times....LOL...

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